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, maturnity leave and infant mortality. the united states is 25 on the list. best country for moms, norway. the worst nigeria. but the reason the united states came in at 25 is because the country performs below average overall and poorly on the risk of things like dying from child birth, mortality rate of children and maturnity leave policies. >>> time for a check of the forecast. lynette is back in. and you say that it might not make us happy today weather wise, but on down the week we may be happier. >> exactly. looks like mother's day could be a good one. we need the rain so we will grin and bear it as we go through tomorrow. and later this evening. right now, though, temperature wise we are mild. 60 in baltimore. 56 in new york and look at those upper 60s and 70 in memphis. that's the warmer air that's going to be moving our way as we go through the rest of the afternoon. now the wind are going to play a factor in that because these winds are out of the south today. that is that southerly flow that's a warming flow. and it is helping to warm us up. 5 to 15 miles an hour is what we are
obesity in the united states and what's done to fight the problem. sherrie johnson live with more details on closures involving jfx and lauren cook has more on timesaver traffic and up-to-the minute forecast with meteorologist lynette charles. >> all right. we are talking about some wet weather off toward the west of us as of now. but you know, what as we zoom in, we are dealing with mainly cloudy skies but we are starting to get a few peeks of sunshine and you are seeing the clouds break up. that's a good thing. we haven't seen the sun and we will take that. but as we check out the temperatures, well right now in manchester right around 55 degrees and we are looking at 58 degrees in -- at loch rain tech and winds at -- loch abeen tech. and -- raven tech. we are looking at coastal flood advisory in effect until noon and that's for all the areas here shaded in the bluish color. i will tell you when the next best chance for rain moves into the picture but let's check the traffic with lauren. >> reporter: good morning. we are dealing with heavy delays on the west side of the beltway due to a
. the last -- arizona, california and oregon the it appeared last in 1994 in the united states. >>> a balcony at a texas apartment complex has major problems. it collapsed twice in less than 24 hours. the second collapse. it happened in austin and luckily no one was hurt. but people are from units had to be evacuated until the balcony could be repaired. >>> and look at this a fugitiveleads police on a high- speed chase across state lines starting in missourich the driver of the suv went from st. peters in illinois to about three hour haul when it went back to missouri where he ditched the car after veering off the road and into trees. so far no sign of the speeding fugitive. patrol officers are on the lookout. >>> we witnessed the results of a special session and now some lawmakers are wanting to add another tax. this one for your health they say. how they plan to implement a fat tax on your food. details from a new study just ahead. and your freebie friday deals ahead minutes away. where to find the best deals for free. >> road closures are in effect west rogers shut down at northern parkway
seal team took down osama bin laden. there are no indication of threats or plots against the united states tied to the anniversary. there is still debate about whether or not the photos showing his body should have been made public. a judge turned down the request for the release saying there is no ge jit mat national security -- legitimate naggal security concerns. >>> meet coaches, happening at the marriott inter harbor in baltimore. new head football coach, bill o brian will be among several coaches taking part in the caravan, they are making stops in 7 states to out the penn state university sports. >>> a 16-year-old maryland boy is called a hero because he was rescuing his elderly neighbors when their house caught on fire. we have a check of the story. what a brave act. >> amazing story. something that makes you feel good to hear. louise and her husband got out of a burning house in time. no one was hurt. it's thanks to 16 year old justin bowman, he is credited with saving his 69-year-old neighbor and her husband. the fire began on the second floor of the house. they were downs
deaths in the united states last year. the same as 2010. officials say fewer states with helmet laws, alcohol use and speeding contributed to the deaths. >>> senator cardin taking part in a memorial day wreath laying program and parade. at one he will be at the vietnam veterans of man reception. >> this live picture --. the president is scheduled to speak around 11:30. at one the defense secretary will host the vietnam veteran's memorial on the national mall in dc. >>> the memorial day concert in department c was canceled after a line of thunderstorms moved through. thousands got to see half the concert because of the storm. they were told to seek shelter immediately. the concert was being broadcast live on pbs. >>> residents along the southeast coast are feeling the impact of tropical storm beryl. it landed and high wind and heavy rain they felt. tropical storm warnings are in effect for the state of georgia and along the coastline as well as parts of florida and south carolina. >>> it's 6:53. let's check our weather with lynette. >> let's talk about b-eryl for a little -- beryl a l
day. >> exactly. i mean, it kind of defines why we have a memorial day holiday in the united states. and this is a ceremony that's opened to the public. so, for people who are going to be firing up the grill later on or going out on a boat, it would be nice for them to come to this ceremony this morning because this is really why we have the holiday. >> reporter: it starts at 10 and this year you are honoring 7 men and women who died in the past year since may of last year. >> exactly. that's correct. and one of the servicemen who we will be honoring who was killed a few months ago, he was a physical education teacher and some of his students will be here today to lead the pledge of allegiance and that should be very special. >> reporter: you give each family's special plaque. you have one here. >> yes. yes. and this is given to each family. they will be here today. i think they feel a bond together. they all feared they might get a call their loved one was killed in action. and it actually happened for them. so e. think it's important for them to kind of feel that bond knowing that
the war of 1812. we should be holding off. the united states is not ready. we will not have the reassists yet and i might go to cast your vote again and vote for the war of 1812. >> this is something that, it is not just for students and people of all ages. and get some conversation going there. >> if you are home with your boyfriend or spouse. and you want something to argue about. >> one of you save for and one be save about. >> it is awesome. >> go there today, man. >> this program kicks off at 9:00. right here at fort mchenry. >> sherrie von johnson. abc two -- sherrie johnson. >> they have a lot of energy together. >> ranger events always great. and p sherrie was perfect for the spot. >> we will not have the prettiest weather. >> we need the rain and we will look at it from that perspective. it is coming down now. off into the atlantic. few showers streaming into the area. >> few breaks as we go throughout the day. the winds, it is breezy out there. and sustained at 15 miles an hour. and six in eastern and 13 in d.c. and take you outside. you can see the winds trapping and -- flappin
or not to allow voters to decide on the changes with the state's gaming laws. >>> and pit bull owners are uniting today in annapolis. they don't agree with the recent state court rulings. they say the dogs are inherently dangerous. they are pushing for lawmakers to take action. the protest is expected to start at 2:30 this afternoon. lasts about two hours. owners right now are being asked not to bring their pit bulls. >>> it is primary day. and those going to the polls in nebraska and oregon and the wall street journal is now reporting romney has the delegates but his remaining opponent ron paul says he's going to end active campaigning but not suspend the campaign altogether. it wants to try to get the delegates needed for the convention come august. >>> and president obama is appearing on the view today and barbara walters asked him about his political future and here's a bit of what he has to say. >> what i want to spend the next five years doing is recreating that america where if you work dy 3k. corps stadium. >>> well, in health news this morning when it's time to take your child to the doc
of a rescue in washington state. a teenage was hiking with his family when he fell down a water fall. a search and rescue unit stretched a lad are across the river that drops 270 feet. the bridge led rescuers to the 13-year-old william hickman huddled barely above the falls and thankfully that child was not hurt. >>> many people will spend months or years planning vacations but now some people are leaving it up to chance and buying what's called a mystery trip. when she booked she didn't expect to be soaring above the trees in what wie yiey from zip lining to surf school each day had a new activity. so taking a chance can help you save money. >> looksry link online, they -- luxury link online offer options for destination but don't tell you where you are going but you can get a great rail you for a little amount of money -- great value for a little amount of money. >> they try to make the adventure match your personality. >> would you do it? >> no i like to plan my own vacations would you? >> i would sure why not one time to see what happens. >> book it see how your wifelikes it. >>> the psa t
rescue for a washington state teen who waited for hours to be pulled to safety. look at this because it's incredible. it's from a search and rescue unit as they stretched a lad are across the wallace falls a snow fed ranging river that dropped 270 feetch the bridge eventually led the rescueers to a 13-year-old named william hickman who was there. he is on the right barely above the falls. >> i would say he was in a very, very dangerous spot. >> i will say. after eight hours of sitting on the ledge, rescuers escorted him out and camped with him until the chopper could pick him up in the morning. >>> disturbing video caught on camera. a dad picks up the child and tosses him into a dryer headfirst and slams the door. now it is part of a joke but then the machine starts running. panic sets in and they couldn't open the locked door. and that toddler begins to tumble. an attendant noticed what happened and turned off the machine. the child has a few bumps and bruises but overall is expected to be okay. >>> if you have not planned your summer vacation, how about making or taking a mystery trip
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